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German Horse Magazine: Mein Pferde

October 2009, the German Horse Magazine MEIN PFERDE published an article on Buck Brannaman.   Titled, "The Horse Whisperer," the article is written by Gabriele Karcher, with photos by Heiko Rodde.  All of the photos were taken at Staley Homestead. (SCROLL DOWN for MORE NEWS. Additional international press coverage at my blog - see link.)

Mein Pferde article on Buck 4w.jpg

BBclinic'09 015_0.jpg

We're in the movies. Want Craig's autograph?

In August 2009, Cedar Creek Productions filmed part of their documentary on Buck Brannaman, at Staley Homestead. Jodi Seaton Photo. It's always an honor to ride with Buck. Being a part of filming and enjoying all the subsequent acclaim made this clinic a once in a lifetime experience. For more information on the Sundance Film Festival experience, go my blog.

Movie Crew

Camera Action 1x_0.jpg

All of the hard working movie crew were a pleasure to have around. A few of the crew: (L to R) Gwen (assistant to the producer), Cindy Meehl (producer/director) and Charles (cameraman, as usual obscured by his camera). Emily Knight photo. More information and on location photos:

Winter at the Homestead

winter wildflower garden1_0.JPG

There's a standard joke around here, "Montana only has three seasons, Winter, July and August." Compared to the long days and frenzy of dawn to dark activity during summer, winter at Staley Homestead is a sedate, serene and COLD season. A time to hunker down, create and dream. Even the wildlife draws near, taking shelter from the season.

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