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Desi 2009

Emulating Ray Hunt (part three)

The Feet  “Getting to the feet” is a core Ray Hunt maxim. In dressage, riders hear a lot about, moving the horse’s hip, raising the shoulder, positioning the neck, to straighten crookedness, and more.  I’ve found that concentrating on the horse’s feet (how much weight there is, front to back, …


DVD excerpt

This DVD video clip is from “Bringing It Together, an approach to a lighter and happier dressage horse.” It demonstrates the results that are achievable with any horse.   The clip shows Betty riding her homebred, 12 year old, 15 hand, Tennesee Walking Horse Mare, “Murphy.”  Filmed in 2008.    The excerpt is from the section …

Betty riding "Desi" and Buck on "Charro" - Bozeman, Montana 2012.     Lora Davies Photo

7 Clinics DVD excerpt

  VIDEO: While Buck Brannaman and his students ride, Betty narrates a segment on “untracking a horse,” explaining what this exercise means to both the horse and rider.   This is a published promotional excerpt from the “7 Clinics with Buck Brannaman” DVDs.  

Buck's-2013-Poster sm

Buck Brannaman Clinic at Staley Homestead

After seventeen marvelous years, Craig and I are taking a hiatus from clinic sponsorship.  We have enjoyed it all and have made dear friends through our horses.   We look forward to seeing everyone riding at Buck’s clinics. Buck will be in Bozeman, Montana, in 2015.  Please contact clinic sponsors Pete …


Hunting for the Hindquarters

Sometimes, I feel like a one trick pony.  My answer to multiple horse/rider problems… “ride the hindquarters.”   That’s become my personal mantra, too.   But, I didn’t invent this answer.  Quoting from Tom Dorrance’s book, True Unity, Willing Communication Between Horse and Human:    “The rider needs to get to the point where …


Emulating Ray (part two)

Combining Softness and Power It’s my observation that lots of Western riders can get their horses soft, while lots of English riders can get their horses moving with power.  The real art is combining softness and power.  My best dressage lessons were made possible by Ray Hunt. With a simplicity …


Emulating Ray Hunt

Ray Hunt had a profound impact on my riding.  In spite of the fact, I’m keenly interested in dressage and Ray was a Western Ranch sort of fella, Ray helped me enormously.   Without Ray, dressage wouldn’t make any sense to me.  Ray could say something that would stick in my …

Buck’s clinic at Staley Homestead

  Craig and I are taking a hiatus from Clinic sponsorship.  We will see you at a clinic as riders!  In 2015, Buck will be teaching in Bozeman, Montana.  The clinic sponsors are Pete and Sharon Melniker, Double Diamond Halters.  Contact them for more information.

Dressage Test Run Through

VIDEO Riding dressage tests is a fascinating personal challenge.  There’s a competitor in my soul, even if I’m only competing against myself.   My little spitfire Jemima (Han/TB/Arab cross) is not ideal for competition.  Compared to the typical enormous cruise-mobile warmbloods, Jemima’s a compact sports car.  However, at 15-3 hands, her narrow build is easy …

Ruby in a drop noseband, 4 years old, 2006.  Betty riding.  Bonnie Cazier photo (cropped).

Wardrobe with What Purpose?

Questioning the Drop Noseband. Having studied horsemanship for a few (plus) years, it seems I’m perceived as having reached the age of “wisdom.”    Hmmmm…   I’m not sure about that, but maybe that’s wisdom, since I’ve made enough mistakes to know I don’t have all the answers.   In any case, people …