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This DVD video clip is from “Bringing It Together, an approach to a lighter and happier dressage horse.” It demonstrates the results that are achievable with any horse.   The clip shows Betty riding her homebred, 12 year old, 15 hand, Tennesee Walking Horse Mare, “Murphy.”  Filmed in 2008.    The excerpt is from the section on the “Step by Step” Exercise.  Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt taught the concept of riding the horses’ feet.  Riding with Ray, Betty learned to get in time with the feet (front and hind) and then either quicken, or slow the steps down, step by step.  In this video clip, “Murphy” is ridden in the English double bridle.  Betty’s first lessons with the double bridle were also under Ray’s tutelage. (A larger format version of this video clip is also filed under the “Bringing It Together” tab.)

Book with DVD: $65, shipping included. International orders welcome to use PayPal.

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“Bringing It Together” is co-authored by Ellen Eckstein and Betty Staley.

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