Living my dreams

No date on this one, but its an early drawing from childhood. Heck, I've owned horses that looked just like this, too.

No date on this one, but it’s from my childhood.

As a young person, I dreamed of horses and becoming a painter.  That’s a childhood era drawing (on the left).   That’s not my dream equine conformation but, what the heck, I’ve owned horses that looked like that and I loved every inch of them.

From childhood through high school, I dabbled in many mediums and gave my work to friends and family.  (There are an embarrassing number on my father’s walls.)   Then, painting took a backseat to other creative outlets (sculpting, writing, and riding horses).  Promising myself, some day, I will seriously try to paint.  After passing that watershed six-oh year, it’s time to keep my promise to myself and add painting to my repertoire.  (After all, this blog even includes the word, “art!”)   At this point, I’m focusing on composition and color on small canvases.  These three paintings are all 6 x8 inches.  It’s all practice, practice, practice.  Fortunately, I enjoy the practice.

After a long, forty year (give or take) hiatus from my easel, these are my first attempts.  I’m having more trouble photographing my work, than painting them in the first place.  Getting the colors to come through accurately over the internet is also a challenge.  Bear with me.  To describe myself as “rusty,” is an understatement.


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