Tea Party Heretic, I am, I am

It was a great honor to speak at the Tax Day rally in Virginia City, Montana, on April 15th.   Despite the conventional press savaging Tea Party people, depicting them as racist haters, I find Tea Party people to be reasonable, respectful, straight talkers, who are concerned about bettering our country for all of its citizens.

If you’d like to read my speech, it’s posted on line at my personal website.    http://www.bettystaley.com/gpage.html

The local press (who seem to be committed to reportage, than spreading propaganda like the national press corps) reports of this event are also included at my web site.

Straightalking signs on the back of a friend at a Tea Party in Northern Montana

Straight talking signs at another Tea Party in Northern Montana.

A cheerful protestor. Threat? More like a committment.

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