About the Authors

Ellen Eckstein is a Grand Prix dressage rider who has been dedicated to integrating the simple, yet profound concepts that she learned from the legendary horseman Tom Dorrance with the European, classical and competitive dressage system in which she has continually immersed herself.

Betty Staley has a varied and lifelong background with horses. Strongly influenced by Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman, Betty is focused on being an all around horsewoman. Raising and starting her horses, she enjoys the process from beginning to end, developing highly functional ranch horses and advancing her horses (flying changes, canter pirouettes, piaffe, passage, etc.). 

A professional artist and writer, Betty and her husband Craig live near Sheridan, Montana.

In 2008, Ellen wrote, ” Betty is just the right person to partner with on this project.  Her years of study with both Ray Hunt and Buck Brannaman  give her the needed insight and knowledge, combined with her writing skills help to hone and clarify  the message of the book.   Betty basically put this thing together. “


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