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What a Gem…Unblock your horse.

By Karen Mcgoldrick on May 24, 2012

I had someone give me this book as a gift. What a find. I am an experienced Dressage rider and instructor, but I always keep an open mind in the hopes that I can do what I do better. These three excercises at first sound like hand riding…a big no-no. But they are actually just the opposite. You will learn to teach your horse how to activate his hind leg and relax his entire body. Just try the first excercise for one week and see if you don’t agree. Your horse will go forward more willingly and in a more relaxed way with the lightest pressure. In fact, after your horse learns the response, he will go forward with just the expectation of pressure, and you will be releasing before you even take pressure. OK, that sounds confusing, but trust me, it works.
For all of you that hate rollkur (ME!) and hate draw reins (ME!) and want your horse to understand you and be your willing partner, give this book a try. You will shift your focus from the neck and mouth to the hind leg, and then the whole body of your horse, which is what we all should be striving for.

Clear and Understandable
By Pam Davis on September 22, 2013
I loved this book. Being a Buck Brannaman fan I could clearly see the progression from his training following through to the training of dressage movements. The progression is clearly laid out and is quite simple to follow I can’t wait to begin using it on my horses.
Great Training Tool

By Opinionated on December 25, 2012

Love that this is a book and DVD combo. The techniques are simple, but the results are amazing. I would recommend this tool to any English rider who has watched the Buck Brannaman clinics. It goes hand in glove with his approach to horsemanship.

Good Information

By kellif on September 28, 2012

Natural horsemanship methods….Offers a different approach to a light happy dressage horse. Great to have book and video packaged together.

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