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Amazing Grace...

This website would not be complete if I omitted my faith. My faith fullfills my life and informs my work. I am Christian and proud to say that. My life would be meaningless without Jesus. It's that simple. If this statement offends some, so be it. But do you know, there is a difference between giving offense and taking offense? In the United States today, Christians are under attack. (There is a case before the Supreme Court, now, to make it a federal offense for Christians to bow in silent prayer in public schools.) Christians are mocked by popular culture and an elite that espouses tolerance while exhibiting intolerance toward Christians, conservatives, or anyone else that disagrees with the elite. Christians are routinely portrayed as imbeciles, bullies, hypocrites and worse. The truth is: Christians are sinners. Christians are also people who humbly accept Jesus as Savior and the forgiveness of God. We know how bad we are. As believers, we spend our earthly days in the refiner's fire; trying to be better people, pleasing to God. How about you? Is there any reason you need to be forgiven?

grace from slide3_1.JPG

Amazing Grace (the bronze)


"Amazing Grace" Bronze, limited 15 edition. 17" tall x 10" round base. $1,999. Generally, good artwork speaks for itself, so I try not to interfere with the viewer's perspective. However, on this page, I will describe my intentions. Aside from the hardships endured and bravery expressed by Western pioneers, Amazing Grace is a portrait of a woman playing the fiddle, with a wash bucket and scrub brush behind her. This is my tribute to the ultimate human relationship, when we stand alone before God. Of all the things accomplished that day, which ones will we be glad we have done?

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