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Book on Horsemanship
Bringing It Together Book and DVD

A multi-media production from Betty's studio, this book and instructional DVD presents three exercises that can begin with the green horse and carry through to the upper level movements. The emphasis is on straightforward practical skills that evolve into complex communication between the horse and rider.
"Buck" Documentary and DVD
Cedar Creek Productions

Information about the documentary on Buck Brannaman. Filmed at Staley Homestead and other locales. Cedar Creek also produced the "7 Clinics" DVD series on Buck, which includes commentary by Betty and footage of Betty riding her horses.
Cato Institute
Downsizing Goverment

A department by department guide to cutting the federal budget. The Cato Institute is a non-profit policy research center dedicated to individual liberty, free markets, and peace.
Congressman Paul Ryan
Roadmap for America's future

Description of legislation covering healthcare, medicare/medicaid, social security, tax reform, and additional reforms.
Heiko Rodde's Montana 2009 video

Wonderful video that begins with spectacular scenery (and great music by Dave Stamey). This video also includes a photo of Craig riding out with his dogs. After that is a bunch of enthusiastic rodeo riders. At the closeup of the buckskin colt and Britt Long, the video moves on to photos of Buck's clinic at Staley Homestead; then, working ranch photos; a shot of Mindy Bower (our friend from Colorado); and ends with a sunset view from the back patio at Staley Homestead.