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Similar to bronze casting, cast paper is also an ancient art form. Through experimentation, Betty developed a method that satisfies her interest in incorporating color with dimensionality. Building an original clay, Betty then casts a mold. Recycled pulped paper is hand pigmented and pressed into the mold. All of the bas relief pieces have hangars embedded. They are also suitable for framing. Each piece is available in a wide variety of colors, no two alike. Samples are below.

Noblesse Oblige

Wall mount, bas relief. 22" tall x 17" wide. Open Edition. $695. Inscription: "the obligation of honorable, generous, responsible behavior, associated with high rank, or birth."

Noblesse 1x.jpg

slide Bluegill 1x.jpg


Bas Relief, wall mounted. Open Edition. 8" tall x 11" long. $89

Galloping Horse

Currently on back order. Other poses available. Wall mount, bas relief. Open Edition. 5-1/2" tall x 9" long. $59

Galloping horse 1x.jpg

Hello Friend (bowl with lid)

Open Edition. 4" tall x 8" diameter. This bowl is often displayed with the lid hanging on a wall and the bowl on a shelf underneath. $199

slide Friend bowl 1x.jpg


Wall mount, bas relief. Open Edition. 8" tall x 17" long. $199

slide Grayling 1x.jpg

Hummingbird bowl

Open Edition. 4" tall x 4-3/4" diameter. $69

slide Hummingbird 1x.jpg

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